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Nawita Association


Birth of the association NAWITA

 The NAWITA association was formed in 1987, some years after the independence. Through frequent meetings frequently  and discussions in nakamals, the artists decided then to set up a movement of contemporary art in Vanuatu. The first meeting took place at the gallery " L'atelier ", which has since been the meeting place of the artists. Under the leadership of Emmanuel Watt as its president, the NAWITA association was officially created in 1989, with the aim of promoting contemporary art in Vanuatu. Hence, this year marks the beginning of a series of exhibitions by young vanuatu who finally have the opportunity to be able to exibit their works. Sculptures, paintings, potteries and tapestries thus make their entrance to the Cultural Space of the Embassy of France.

The artists

Among the painters, let us quote Matthew Abbock, David Ambong, Mickael Busaï, Mistletoe Deroin, Joseph John, Participated for example in exhibitions in Australia. Sero Kuautonga, the president of the association, displayed as well in New Zealand that in Switzerland or in France. Nikiyatu Kuantonga was able to perfect its technique thanks to exchanges with Indonesia, whereas neither Emmanuel Watt, nor the first contemporary artist Nor Vanuatu, realized numerous international exchanges with France, China, Australia and New Caledonia. Also let us quote Juliette Pita, recognized to be the first artist Nor Vanuatu to master the tapestry, which participated in exhibitions almost everywhere in the world, in particular in Switzerland, in Australia and in England.

Roots for tomorrow

A contemporary guide of the artists entitled " Ol roots blong tumoro " is available on Internet. If you wish to know more about it on the artists of the association Nawita, but also on the association Redwave and the Suzanne Bastien foundation, get yourselves the paper version, published by them .. You can so know everything about the artists, their origins, their specialities and techniques of preference, their inspirations as well as their vision of the art vanuatais and Melanesian. This guide presents the women and the men who make live the art of Vanuatu and participate in its brilliance as well in the scale local as international.