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Tabu Faea de KRK


Kalja Riddim Klan, more collectively conscript KRK, launched his first DVD on October 29th, 2009 to the Alliance França KRK, it is the group of musicians of almost everywhere that took shape in 2005 through the association Kastom Stori, because the group accompanied originally a troop of storytellers. Today, according to scenes, KRK groups together from 6 to 15 musicians who come of almost everywhere in the world. Every member of the group so brings its musical and cultural influences, creating rhythms and outstanding melodies.

Violin, guitar, traditional and African percussions, flute of Vanuatu and South America, low or still battery, each has its instrument of predilection. Three singers write each their texts on themes such as the tradition, the violence, the past, the respect but also the current events. In bichlamar, in English, in French and in vernacular language, KRK is a veritable mixs of musical influences, halfway between tradition and modernity. KRK has already given many concerts, before even the release of the first album, " Long Taem Bifo ", to Nouméa in 2006. Since, Kalja Riddim Klan participates in numerous musical events as well to Efate as on the other islands of the archipelago. The group moreover participated this year in Fest' Napuan, as usual.

Every member of KRK also participates in numerous projects. Marcel Melthérorong, alias Mars Melto, published a book in 2007 of which the piece of news edition fatesoon. Two members of the group opened a musical center, whereas the others occur in New Caledonia with Titamol, reviving customs thanks to a perfect combination of music and dance.

In association with the Alliance Française 29th of this year the first DVD of KRK which to contain numerous songs as well as bonuses.