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Lancement de la nouvelle édition de Tôghàn


The launch of the new edition of Tôghàn, introduced by Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, Nobel Prize in Literature in 2008 took place on Thursday, December 10th in the Alliance Française of Port Vila.


During the "kavactèle" organized for the occasion, Georges Cumbo, the Director General of the Alliance Française underlined the importance of this novel in the cultural history of Vanuatu. Indeed, Tôghàn is the Marcel Melthérorong's first novel but also the first novel written by one Nor Vanuatu. It is thus a book event.


The first edition taken out in 2007 knew a real success in Port Vila but also in the French-speaking Pacific. Besides, during Marcel Melthérorong's participation in the Book fair of Paris, Tôghàn had been noticed by criticisms and had met among six books in competition for the Price of the book RFO on 2007.


Tôghàn was finally noticed by Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio who knows Vanuatu, central subject of its book Raga, the invisible continent. Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio had moreover announced to Marcel Melthérorong of his admiration in a mail. This testimony led to the foreword which appears in the new edition.


During evening was spread an interview of Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio led by a young student of the French High school of Port Vila, Prisca Virelala.


The leader Vincent Boulekone was also present in this evening of launch, who had coutumièrement opened the road to Jean-Marie Le Clézio in its trip in Vanuatu. The leader insisted on the fact that it is essential for the young people of Vanuatu to dash into the literature, and to follow the dugout that Marcel Melthérorong put in the sea by publishing his first book. Marcel Melthérorong pronounced too a speech asserting that he(it) is of the duty of the young people not only to write but to publish, to describe the chances of their generation.


You can get yourselves the new edition of Tôghàn at the price of 1200 vt in the Alliance Française of Port Vila. You can also place order on the site of Bookin

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