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Atelier d'écriture à Port-Vila

Stéphane Camille

Workshop of Writing

The magic of the words before Christmas

About ten persons, high school students, students and very motivated adults, followed the workshop " Ecrire une courte nouvelle " livened up by Stéphane Camille in the end of December, 2009. The passage of this translator, writer and journalist, who knows Vanuatu to have stayed at it during seven years, was also the opportunity of the first, one " kava literary  " of the Alliance Française the form of meeting and presentation of books in the Nakamal galaxy, in Freswota.

Organized thanks to the financing of the regional Cooperation, the workshop, which took place on three days, alternated readings, playful exercises of style and writing and creation of two news from common data. The bases of the writing of the third piece of news, or the short text in prose, on a theme in the choice of the participants, were thrown. Already, the workshop ended in original works of very good quality. Some of these works should be put soon online on our site and the best will be lucky to be later published .

Publication in sight Indeed

And this message addresses in all the ''feathers'', confirmed or not, of Vanuatu- the Alliance plans to publish a collection of text of young authors in 2010. Furthermore, a special number of the beautiful literary review episodes of New Caledonia the publication of which is planned for the end of the same year, will be dedicated in Vanuatu.

Then do not hesitate to send from now on your text, poetries, portraits extracted from triesor from novels to the presenter of the workshop who will be in charge of the chief writing of this special number.

And let it know around you!


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Workshop of writting at Port Vila


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