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Impressions...Tournée des deux Lézards



... The Migratory Children on tour on Efaté Du 20 on December 30th, 2009, the Migratory Children, Eric Dudognon and Sylvain Lorgnier, presented their show of tales, Both Lizards, in villages and districts around Port Vila. In the meeting: poetry, laughter and unbridled imagination …

One of both Lizards, Sylvain Lorgnier, makes us his impressions...

When we are lucky to have already gone to it, the arrival, the Recoming, is made a few days before getting this earth, these faces. The rhythm is not already any more the same, the priorities either and for once the suitcase gets ready with delicacy … Airport of Port Vila: musical notes which already resound as small proustiennes madeleines coated with smiles, perfumed by kava. That to want furthermore? I admit that a Georges Cumbo welcoming us in G-string band and in dress mission ultra colored would fill my teasing spirit. 
For the rest, its presence is enough every time for assuring us meetings and exchanges rich in simplicity; the Big first one for us. We stayed exclusively on Efaté. Finally the time to feel her better no bowl: the air saturates exhaust gases. Buses as an army of termites which would change the earth in polluting gas. The Mirage, always this damned dangerous Mirage, we take him all, and all one misses …

Fortunately that the soul pollutes less faster than the air. The brilliant market of gestures and smiles grows us clown's noses. And for one hour, as kids in a playground, we play with people. We share a little bit exuberant present. Exuberant as is him this nature which encircles closely this small center every hothead with the arrival of December 25th. The evening before the kava, we tell stories at people. The first one was a festival of Franglais to Sulfur Bay Komuniti who was worth to us beautiful roars of laughter. Calmed 60mn later by a chewed kava which to the taste and to the effect would have given us envy to centre our tour in this magic place. Place which had been as teleported of Tanned in this small suburban district. Fortunately that our favorite Men In Black, has us flashés by speaking to us about next days. We thus left for 10 days of adventure, but we forgot nothing. Maybe that if, I remember more what I ate on Wednesday? Ennio, Christelle you' ve has idéa
Not forgotten: the small family of the bookseller which so well welcomed us. Not forgotten The pleasure of the owner of the kava in the 2nd lagoon to welcome a show to him, the beauty of the children. Not forgotten The welcome of Eric and Odile in their Banyan House: 2 Architects Peter Pan and Tao of golden cities. Any creation is a commitment of heart and body. This dream which they show us is a beautiful illustration. And what a foot, for us, to tell there! This evening there, the sap in circulated well between the place, the public and us. Other stories also told … Not forgotten  The quite recent house of the music. She is good on the hill as Maxime L. would want him but she is not blue … Not forgotten Marcel and Alice which swamped us with kindness, with attentions and with professionalism. It is true that in the country of radio-coconut palms, the information can sometimes receive from the frying. Here to Fresh Wata the roars of laughter were everywhere. Jumping up with children in teenagers getting the relatives and sometimes breaking teeth in grandparents. Do not forget notes exchanged in the corner of a huge firefly with " the band ". Particular thought to an ex-masseur in the velvet way. Ex masseur can be, but brother to become there, doubtless;-) not forgotten to keep silent sometimes and not to tell everything not forgotten  Today there is necessary to return not forgotten A small hook, my captain, has Omaïs has to return; another madeleine proustienne, it is for the relatives of my darling. They left Port Vila, a few years ago. He always have a taste of Omaï at the bottom of the palace.


Really when we return there we leave him not completely. Has always something there who remains hung on.

Not forgotten to Create to be still in closer …



Lukim you

Eric D.