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Projet de renforcement du réseau de l'Alliance française

European Union provides 12 millions vatu to strengthen the Alliance française network in Vanuatu

On Thursday the 25th of February, the Chargé d'Affaires of the European Union, Nicolas Berlanga and the Délégué général of the Alliance française in Vanuatu signed a financial convention concerning a project on the development of the Alliance française network throughout the country. The French Ambassadress, Mrs Françoise Maylié as well as the Chief Vincent Boulekone, who is a member of Alliance française committee were also present at this ceremony.

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The Alliance française (AF) is receiving a grant from the European Union (EU) to strengthen their provincial network of cultural centres. The financial assistance amounts to 12 millionVatu and the intervention will last for 30 months.

The European Union recognizes culture as an important part of its main development policy. Culture drives changes and plays a fundamental role in the empowerment of societies. This collaboration between the EU and AF aims at reinforcing the local capacity on culture management and to promote cultural identities and diversity in Vanuatu.

The project will work with AF cultural centres at different provinces as the key actors in the dissemination of information. Workshops all over Vanuatu, particularly in the rural areas, will improve access to information, promote the intercultural exchanges between the islands and encourage training programmes to transmit and acquire new skills.

Both Alliance française and the Delegation of the European Union to Vanuatu believes that any successful development must build upon an appropriate cultural dimension as an element of social cohesion and inclusion. This will subsequently reinforce social stability, empowerment of youth, women and the disabled, and promotion of democracy and human rights.
This project is a first one of its kind. In  fact, it’s the first time that the Alliance française is receiving an important financial support of this kind form the European Union.
To mark this event, the Chief Boulekone performed a traditional sign by giving local basket of Pentecost while insisting on the necessity of cultural dialogues.