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The French couple Verges and Watt are playing at the French Alliance!


Franck Verges will be on turntables to make you move at the FrenchTouch this Friday. He will be right after Vanuella Watt, his partner in life and stage, for a popular dance in 2016’s style.


Where do you come from?

- Caledonia


Can you tell me what do you do in life?

- Cameraman and director for France television (NC 1ère)


- Since how long are you playing music?

I’m not really playing music; I’m sound and lighting engineer for Vanuella.


- In what kind of music do you like to make people dance?

Every kind, sun music, pop, rock, ragga, ballroom dance…I like make people dance on a maximum of music; firstly to make happy a wider audience, secondly to make people travel from a universe to an other.


You are sharing your life with Vanuella Watt, do you work also together in the music field?

- I’m working sometimes with Vanuella by managing light and sound during her concert.


It is the first time that you mix in Vanuatu?


- It’s the second time. It’s more a musical program for Vanuella’s fan, to continue the party after the show and make people dance. It’s a real moment of pleasure for me to be in Vanuatu to share her musical universe.


Is it something special for you to play for the French Bastille day ?

- French culture is really rich in diversity. It is this diversity that will be honoured for the National day; this thanks to Vanuella who always succeed to propose a repertoire with all style of music, and in the same time let the pride of place to French language. With Rock, zouk, waltz…she knows how to highlight French culture and make it exciting for the audience. It’s a big joy for me to participate to this event, moreover in Port-Vila.



Franck waits for you the July 15th from 6 to 12pm to celebrate the French “Bastille day” in music with kava, food and drinks!

The Popular dance is organized by the French Alliance of Port-Vila, with the support of the Regional Cooperation New-Caledonia / France / Vanuatu, the French Embassy and Aircalin.