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Francophony days 2010

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Francophony week 2010: What’s happening at the Alliance Française?

To celebrate the Francophony day this year, Alliance française is organising different activities from past years. On some islands it’s providing financial and logistic support for activities happeneing in schools or communities. In communities where the Alliance Française has a branch, the Francophony week will also be celebrated. Therefore sports turnament, competions and concerts are organised in Lugnanville and Tanna.
In Port-Vila, the Alliance française has organised a conference on « Vanuatu, New-Caledonia, French Polynesia and Wallis and Futuna or more than 200 years of a common francophone history in oceania» which will be presented by Christiane Terrier, doctor in history and language from Nouméa. On Wednesday 17th March at 6:00pm, the conference will be held for all public at the Alliance Française premises. Another conference is organized for DAEU students at Lycée Louis Antoine de Bougainville.

Friday 19th March marks the 5th edition of “la Nuit FrancoSonik” and will be celebrated at the Alliance Française de Port-Vila! From 5:00pm, the public is invited at the Alliance Française car park to share a glass of wine or kava as well as laplaps and the traditional roasted veal. For your information, the concert and the meal are free as well as the first bucket of kava…. On the first part of the concert:  stringband, “slam” from DAEU students as well as Genesis hip hop group. On the second part, the guests of the evening « les Rootsky » a group of young musicians from Lifou will play some reggae, kaneka music and more thanks to the island province of New-Caledonia.

Once more, FrancoSonik expresses a multilingual and multicultural Vanuatu.

These activities coincide with the program set out by different institutions and associations as well as the Ministry of Education and the francophony. This year’s theme in Vanuatu is: Island Francophony, Frankofoni blong aelan.

The Alliance française wishes to thank The French Embassy, the European Union delegation, Loyalty Islands Province, AZN bank, Intraco, la Brasserie du Vanuatu and René Laurent for their support.