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Nouvelle édition de Tôghàn


We met Marcel Melthérorong, musician vanuatais been born in 1975, which published its first novel, Tôghàn in 2007. This book redraws the story of Tôghàn, a young person native of Vanuatu imprisoned in a prison in Calédonie, is in hiding where it increased. This week brings out the second edition, introduced by Clezio, famous French writer.

Where from comes your desire of writing?

In fact I worked during several years on the Alliance Françaisemeet a lot of people which gave me envy to write. Writers, poets. I was able to see the pleasure which the writing got them. And then especially, I wanted to show to the young people from here that we can write and share things with the readers, and it, without having made necessarily of studies. Here, the school is paying and everybody is not necessarily lucky to be able to make long studies. This book, it is the proof of which we can make a success if we give ourselves the means. With the less young and young, French publishing house of the Alliance can now publish their papers and share their vision of the life. It is also with the aim of encouraging the young people to write that I decided to publish Tôghàn

How was born Tôghàn?


In fact what it is necessary to understand it is that I have never intended to publish. I wrote this book for me. I was in the habit of writing songs for my group, and then I found it sometimes too short. There are details which we cannot create in a song. Then one day I wanted to write a big song. It is from there that was born Tôghàn. At the beginning, it was just a text of four or five pages which I had written to be delirious after the French-speaking Meetings. I then made itead to Georges Cumbo, with whom I worked on the time in the French Alliance, and it is him who encouraged me to publish it.

The first edition of your book went out in 2007. How was shereceived?Itwas received, especially since it was the first time when a French-speaking author of Vanuatu published a book. We not bad spoke about it here and in Calédonie. I also went to the book fair, to the Paris. That made for me bizarre, I was not in the habit of seeing so much world. I also tasted the pleasure of the sessions of dedication.

This new edition is introduced by Clezio, one of the big authors of our time. How took place this meeting?


In fact, he read my book and wrote me a very beautiful letter. I  did not even know which he was in the time. And then I learnt afterward the size of the character. He moreover received the Nobel Prize in Literature last year. It is really someone the truth, which wants that the generations meet in the creative productions. He wishes that we advanceand that we stop speaking about past. I am really honored that he made the foreword of this book.

Have you another book in preparation?

Yes, I am writing the second, which will be a little the continuation of Tôghan. But cannot say about it more at the moment.

Tabu Faea de KRK


Kalja Riddim Klan, more collectively conscript KRK, launched his first DVD on October 29th, 2009 to the Alliance França KRK, it is the group of musicians of almost everywhere that took shape in 2005 through the association Kastom Stori, because the group accompanied originally a troop of storytellers. Today, according to scenes, KRK groups together from 6 to 15 musicians who come of almost everywhere in the world. Every member of the group so brings its musical and cultural influences, creating rhythms and outstanding melodies.

Violin, guitar, traditional and African percussions, flute of Vanuatu and South America, low or still battery, each has its instrument of predilection. Three singers write each their texts on themes such as the tradition, the violence, the past, the respect but also the current events. In bichlamar, in English, in French and in vernacular language, KRK is a veritable mixs of musical influences, halfway between tradition and modernity. KRK has already given many concerts, before even the release of the first album, " Long Taem Bifo ", to Nouméa in 2006. Since, Kalja Riddim Klan participates in numerous musical events as well to Efate as on the other islands of the archipelago. The group moreover participated this year in Fest' Napuan, as usual.

Every member of KRK also participates in numerous projects. Marcel Melthérorong, alias Mars Melto, published a book in 2007 of which the piece of news edition fatesoon. Two members of the group opened a musical center, whereas the others occur in New Caledonia with Titamol, reviving customs thanks to a perfect combination of music and dance.

In association with the Alliance Française 29th of this year the first DVD of KRK which to contain numerous songs as well as bonuses.

Nawita Association


Birth of the association NAWITA

 The NAWITA association was formed in 1987, some years after the independence. Through frequent meetings frequently  and discussions in nakamals, the artists decided then to set up a movement of contemporary art in Vanuatu. The first meeting took place at the gallery " L'atelier ", which has since been the meeting place of the artists. Under the leadership of Emmanuel Watt as its president, the NAWITA association was officially created in 1989, with the aim of promoting contemporary art in Vanuatu. Hence, this year marks the beginning of a series of exhibitions by young vanuatu who finally have the opportunity to be able to exibit their works. Sculptures, paintings, potteries and tapestries thus make their entrance to the Cultural Space of the Embassy of France.

The artists

Among the painters, let us quote Matthew Abbock, David Ambong, Mickael Busaï, Mistletoe Deroin, Joseph John, Participated for example in exhibitions in Australia. Sero Kuautonga, the president of the association, displayed as well in New Zealand that in Switzerland or in France. Nikiyatu Kuantonga was able to perfect its technique thanks to exchanges with Indonesia, whereas neither Emmanuel Watt, nor the first contemporary artist Nor Vanuatu, realized numerous international exchanges with France, China, Australia and New Caledonia. Also let us quote Juliette Pita, recognized to be the first artist Nor Vanuatu to master the tapestry, which participated in exhibitions almost everywhere in the world, in particular in Switzerland, in Australia and in England.

Roots for tomorrow

A contemporary guide of the artists entitled " Ol roots blong tumoro " is available on Internet. If you wish to know more about it on the artists of the association Nawita, but also on the association Redwave and the Suzanne Bastien foundation, get yourselves the paper version, published by them .. You can so know everything about the artists, their origins, their specialities and techniques of preference, their inspirations as well as their vision of the art vanuatais and Melanesian. This guide presents the women and the men who make live the art of Vanuatu and participate in its brilliance as well in the scale local as international.

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