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De Garam Sophie


Sophie de Garam

Sophie de Garam
Born in Marseille in 1962
Technique : painting, sculpting, drawing and various techniques

Sophie de Garam studied architecture in Luminy-Marseille then went to live in the US.
She arrived in the Pacific in 2000 and visited Vanuatu thanks to her cousin Miriame Dormoy who married Nikenike Vurobaravu here. She succumbed to the charm of this country.
She settled here with her husband and their three children for a while but had to go back to France in 2004.
Travellers and artists, Sophie and Pieter share their time between Marseille (France) and Port-Vila (Vanuatu).
She exhibits in New-York, Sydney, Aix-en-Provence, Paris and Port-Vila. 


Her inspiration
« A drawing revives the memory of the exact moment it has been made long after it is finished »
A drawing involves much more than an image, it captures a fleeting moment when looks, laughs, and emotions come together.
The beauty of the people and the nature in Vanuatu seduced me straight away, they are an infinite source of inspiration and creation.

young girl whispering

Her vision of Ni-Vanuatu and Melanesian art
The contrast between what is fleeting and the traditional creation of Vanuatu art is what appeals to me the most.
The underlying thread of the sand drawings give them this coherence that appears to me as a spinal column. Would this invisible thread be the sign of an internal organization that spreads elsewhere ?
I pursued this idea in my paintings of  « random » lines, which maintains the fluidity of the line while keeping an underlying thread.

vanuatu 29
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