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The Alliance Française in figures

•    1992 : Setting up of the Alliance française de Port-Vila
•    2 Alliances françaises in Port-Vila and Luganville
•    5 francophone farés on Malekula, Tanna, Pentecost and Motalava
•    1200 members in Port-Vila, 400 in Luganville




In Port-Vila
•    A language school
•    A cultural center
•    A multimedia library
•    The ‘animabrousse’
•    The ‘ciné-club’
•    A exhebition room
•    The Arts Café



In Luganville
•    A language school
•    A small multimedia library
•    The ‘ciné-club’

In the islands
•    Small libraries
•    Organizing relay on cultural demonstrations
•    Center for trainings




•    French courses: FFL, FOS and language remediation
•    The majority of students are adults
•    Increasing demand of external courses
- Banks and hotels    
- Public service
- Vanuatu Institute of Teachers Education
•    Organization of short courses for Australian students
•    First literacy courses for adults
•    Bislama courses
•    Approximately 6OO enrolments each year




•    Organization of events and nearby activities
•    Cultural broadcasting
•    Production and publication
•    Cooperation with the local institutions
•    Numerous exchanges with New-Caledonia




•    Exhebitions
- at the ‘Espace Culturel Français de l’Ambassade de France’
- at the ‘Alliance française’ (art’péritifs, Café des arts)
•    Support to artists and associations
•    Workshops and exchanges
•    First conference of Oceanian Arts in May 2008
•    Participation to the 2009 National Art Festival
•    Preparation of the exhebition « 30 » in 2010
•    Publication  of a comtemporary artist catalogue /soon on line




•    Musical shows
–    FrancoSonik
–    Fête de la Musique
–    Concerts, art’péritifs
–    Exchanges with New-Caledonia
–    Participation to the  Fest’Napuan
–    Martin Rappeneau’s concert



•   Training
–    Support  to Tura Nambe music center
–    Organization of stringband classes


•    Production
–    Support to creation
–    Coproduction


•   Shows
–   ‘Kastom stori’ tellers tour in Vanuatu and abroad
–    Competitions and hip hop
–    Calédonian artists tour :circus, theatre, stories
•    Workshops organization




•    Ciné-club
•    Cinema on the islands
•    Subtitling of Vanuatu films
•    Partnership with the ‘Festival de la Foa’ and the southern province
–    Presentation of Vanuatu films in the festival
–    Projection of Caledonian short films in  Vanuatu
–    Trainings



•    Publication
–    Partnership with the Vanuatu Cultural Center : edition of story books
–    Editions Alliance Française: Tôghàn of Marcel Melthérorong, Cartoon strips, the  JAF, booklets on vernacular languages,  Toktok…
–    Publication of the next French-Bislama dictionary

•    Translation
–    Participation of Guy Deroin author of  Mino to the ‘Salon de la BD’
–    Participation to the first Vanuatu literature week organized by ‘la Maison du Livre Calédonien’ in next November


•    Reinforcement of the network through the archipelago
•    Extension of the premises in Port-Vila
•    Continuation of actions in favour of the dialogue of cultures
•    Development of exchanges with the  Alliances françaises of the region
•    Development of trainings for students of neighbouring countries: Fidji, Australia and New-Zeland