Bislama is the common language that is used between Ni-Vanuatu people who come from the 83 islands of Vanuatu and who together speak 111 languages. Bislama, together with French and English, is an official language. Do you want to learn it ?

You have two options:

-       Regular group lessons - for adults only, once per week, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm during 9 weeks.

-       Private lessons - all levels and ages, tailored to your needs and flexibility.

 Next term starts on the 1st of February.

Want to enroll or need further information? 

 Come to our office, call 22947 or contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Level  Day  Time  Beginning End 
Bislama beginner (francophones) Monday 5:30 - 7:00 pm 1er/02/2021 12/04/2021
Bislama beginner (ENG) Tuesday 5:30 - 7:00 pm 02/02/2021 30/03/2021
Intermediate Bislama (ENG + FR) Wednesday 5:30 - 7:00 pm 03/02/2021 31/03/2021
Bislama expert (ENG + FR) Jeudi 5:30 - 7:00 pm 04/02/2021 1er/04/2021
Annual membership: 1 000 vt
Tuition fee: 11 500 vt for 9 lessons of 1.5 hour once a week

Enjoy  our 10 % "Early Bird discount" until 22nd of January ! 

Alliance française's offers only/cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers:
Volonteers, interns, students: -20% 
NGO, associations and families (from 3 persons): -20%


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